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Online Kpop Fashion Store Welcomes Year 2014 with BADEYES SWAG Line


“As part of their 2014 promotion and in recognition of the year of the Horse, Pancoat also offered a limited edition Pop Horse package throughout January. Priced at $79, the package includes either a hot coral pink or spearmint hoody that comes with a white t-shirt plus a cute dust bag – all displaying the Pop Horse image. The design features a large, blue cartoon rocking horse printed across the chest area of the hoodies and t-shirts and a similar but smaller print on the dust bag.

Aside from the street brand, the online store also offers different brands like SNOB, CRITIC, and Popidoll, all of which have a different concept and feel from the Pancoat brand. Interested parties who wish to do some Korean clothes shopping online can visit and make their selection among the range of Kpop styles available.”

Fashion Tips for a Korean-inspired Transformation


Ladies tend to invest time and money on their clothes, and some even follow trends so they won’t look outdated. For these gals, Korean fashion is likely on the list of must-try trends in 2014. Be inspired by the irresistible K-pop fashion, and try the tips below to transform your look.

Shoes and makeup are two elements that should complement a Korean-inspired outfit. Since most Korean clothes are simple yet unique, allow your makeup to offset what’s lacking; wear shoes in vibrant colors and don shimmer face makeup and blush in bright shades of pink or peach. However, go for makeup in subtle, neutral shades if you wear clothes with elaborate designs or vibrant colors. Continue reading

Some Must-have Korean Fashion Items


With Psy’s Gangnam Style as a veritable Trojan horse, millions of people began paying attention to Korean pop music and emulating the clothes worn by their newly discovered pop idols. Fortunately, online stores like Pancoat make it easier than ever to achieve the look favored by stars like 2NE1, Girls’ Generation, and Big Bang. If you’re overwhelmed by the options though, here are a few must-have items to set you on your way:


Yes, winter in South Korea can be chilly but that’s not the only reason to wear a hoodie. This jacket is popular with both K-Pop singers and their adoring fans so you’ll want to buy one for yourself. Choose one that has large but cute animal designs to really make a statement.

Oversized Headphones

South Koreans love their music and you’ll find many teenagers importing oversized Beats by Dre headphones for over ₩1 million. If you live in the United States, however, they’re readily available at department stores at considerably cheaper prices than Koreans pay.

A Slim Figure

Okay, you can’t actually buy a slim figure online or in retail stores, but you can certainly achieve it with dieting and exercise. Koreans are fashion-conscious and nothing shows off their trendy clothes better than a beautiful body. If you have a bit of a paunch, you can wear a belt to draw attention away from it.

Winter Deals: Classy Christmas Wishes from a Hip KPop Fashion Store


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Shopping for Korean Clothes and Apparel Online


Korean fashion continues to gain worldwide popularity and many want to be a part of it. With the internet and online shopping at your fingertips, you can easily expand your wardrobe and throw in a little Korean fashion.

Shopping online is a great idea, because it saves a lot of time and is more convenient. You can do it at any time you prefer and choose from a wide range of styles with ease. Here are a few things to remember when you shop for the latest trends:

Take the time to browse through sites. Doing so will help you get chic ideas for your new look. Choose from various types of clothing based on your style — from color, to material, and print. Going through several sites will also enable you to compare prices and snag better deals.

In addition, shopping policies differ for each store. Take note of taxes, shipping fees, and return policies. In terms of prices, wholesale items are usually cheaper than retail. Some shops also offer discount coupons, which will help you save money on shipment fees.

Keep yourself updated with the latest trends in Korean fashion — but more importantly, choose a style that you’re comfortable with. Happy shopping!